Study Indicates Short Duration Therapeutic Massage Relieves Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief through Massage Therapy

Neck Pain is a common complaint Oil and Grace Massage therapists hear when a client informs us of problem areas needing focus during a massage. With many of our clients sitting at a computer all day, the muscles surrounding the neck are constantly engaged, often leading to muscle strain, tightness, soreness, and migraines.

A recent study, published in the peer-reviewed journal NeuroReport, indicates that short duration, moderate pressure massage to the shoulder and neck provides relief to neck pain. In the study, muscle activity was measured via electromyography after two sessions, 24 hours apart, to determine if the muscles responded to the therapy.

"Muscle activity of the upper trapezius reduced significantly (19.3%; P=0.004) following massage compared with muscle activity following quiet sitting (1.0%). Our findings suggest that short-duration moderate pressure massage leads to a reduction in upper trapezius muscle activity," states the authors of the study (Domingo, et al., 2017).

Oil and Grace Massage recommends a massage as a first line of relief for neck pain, as opposed to medicines that may have side effects. Of course, consult your physician and therapist about your specific pain location and causes.

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Citation: Domingo, A. R., Diek, M., Goble, K. M., Maluf, K. S., Goble, D. J., & Baweja, H. S. (2017). Short-duration therapeutic massage reduces postural upper trapezius muscle activity. NeuroReport, 28(2), 108-110. doi:10.1097/wnr.0000000000000718