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Our Name's Meaning

Oil and Grace Massage

Over a decade ago, I became a licensed massage therapist. During my internship, I realized bringing relaxation was more than just therapeutic touch centered around a muscle group. 

My clients benefit from a smile, a quiet moment, and allowing themselves time to think. I call this "grace." Grace is defined as "the condition or fact of being honored by someone." We need grace in our life as we face hardships all around.

Then, I thought about the oils, which are one of the tools of my trade. I have studied essential oils and aromatherapy and enjoy passing the benefits to my clients. I customize the oil to your need. (Massage can be performed without oil or aromatherapy as well.)

Therefore, I offer you Oil and Grace in every massage!

Back Massage

Yes...My REAL name is Velvet (my mom found it in a baby name book)

About Velvet

So....what is a LMT?


A Licensed Massage Therapist is someone who has completed the educational requirements and testing from the State of Texas and has been licensed to provide massages within the state.


Velvet Lay, LMT has gone beyond the basic definition of an LMT.  She utilizes a combination of techniques tailored to each client's needs.  In addition she has completed further studies and hundreds of hours of massages to provide a master level of massage therapy.  She utilizes a variety of techniques tailored to meet the client's unique needs.  After assessing your massage needs, Velvet will use the proper modality for you.  Whether it is Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy, Trigger Point, Chair, or many other types of massage, Velvet Lay is YOUR Licensed Massage Therapist!


Velvet, her husband, and three children are Texas natives, love college basketball, gardening, and volunteering. They live in a smoke-free, dog/cat-free environment.

Velvet's mother is a breast cancer survivor and, a portion of our profit goes to support breast cancer research.

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